Natalie Neckyfarow performs in a reading of Tom Sime’s Bloodletters

Natalie Neckyfarow will performing in a reading of Tom Sime’s Bloodletters, under the direction of Stu Zagnit, alongside Karen Ziemba (Tony winner for CONTACT), Bill Tatum, Nicole Taylor, Jerry Less, and Brian Homer on Monday June 14th at 7:30 pm at Pearl Studios,  500 8th Avenue, between 35 & 36 Streets, 12th Floor – Studio 1206, NYC.

Joe & Sandi Black & The Modern Stage offer BLOODLETTERS, a comedy by Tom Sime, for producers, angels and other theatre lovers.  Proposed for Off Broadway, the script was workshopped in Dallas in 2008 and showcased in NY in ’09. The performance is Monday evening, June 14, 7:30 P.M. at Pearl Studios, 500 8th Avenue, between 35 & 36 Streets, 12th Floor – Studio 1206, NYC.  Email for reservations.

Bloodletters is clever comedy for adults and mature teens.  It reveals a nifty grandma writing a vampire script with characters based on her family, and her story, roiling with lust.  The actors transfer seamlessly into different roles in both worlds.  Grandpa resents his lowly portrayal, trying to determine what his wife really thinks of him.  A precocious grandchild reads the forbidden thriller and figures out who’s who, while her protective mom’s unusual conflict interweaves with the bloody saga, laced with humor.

Playwright Sime, a critic who migrated to the creative side, says Bloodletters is homage to Joyce Carol Oates.  Tom’s Modern Stage develops plays at 45 Bleecker Theatres, where Joe is a partner.  The Blacks produced Bonnie Parker Off Broadway and elsewhere, videos that help kids read, and are creating musicals.  They suggest the work will also make a popular film and Broadway tuner.

Review “When is horror a delight?  When it appears in a stage play called Bloodletters…. Two threads of action, full of striking twists and turns, peopled with intriguing characters, unfold in a riveting and sexually-charged plot that finally ties all loose ends together in a totally chilling, satisfying and unexpected manner.  Hold on to your seats– it’s a breathless ride from the moment the lights come up.”  Critic Alexandra Bonifield, Dallas

Please call Joe with questions or requests:  TX (972) 407-1437; CA (707) 758-8883. See for other information.

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