JWS Marathon Day – December 3 at 5pm

I’m so excited to be singing several songs from my dream role as Millie in “Thoughly Modern Millie” at the JWS Marathon on December 3 at 5pm at the Access Theatre, 380 White St., NYC.

What exactly is the JWS Marathon?

Jen Waldman Studio (JWS) is a marvelous space where musical theatre performers study in an environment where the focus is on process and exploration versus final product – though often, some really amazing products come out as a result.

This environment allows us to honestly bare our souls and reveal ourselves in our work. On this day we will show you our work in progress.

Admission is $5 for the entire day to see as many presentations as you desire!

SCHEDULE (w/ BREAKS in between!)

 12:30 pm Studio Showcase #1 Featuring:
Ryan Cupello, Robert Houtras, Trey Pratt, Spencer Rose
1:45pm Lab Presentation:
Sarah Dacey Charles – “Untitled: Beauty Project”
Liz Asti – “Liz Asti is Mad as a Wet Hen”
3pm  Lab Presentation:
Greg Etling- “Bloody Obsessed”
3:45pm Studio Showcase #2 Featuring:
Dana Iannuzzi (“30 Second Love Story”), Lesley Mealor,
Richard Michael Lee, Joanna Parson
5pm  Studio Showcase # 3 Featuring:
Natalie Neckyfarow, Emily Turner Marsland, 
Sherz Aletaha, Tug Watson
6:15pm Lab Presentation:
Kelvin Moon Loh – “How to Eat Through Bamboo”
7pm  Lab Presentation:
Ashley Harrell – “Fanny and I”
Jen Eden – “Jen Eden’s Musical Funtimes”

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