First reading of pilot “Life Begins at 30”

This fall I went on the wild ride of beginning to write my first comedy pilot project in class with the amazing Neena Beber.

I’m so excited to share what I’ve been working on alongside the work of the many other talented writers in my class.

Friday, December 7 at 5pm
Primary Stages Studios, 307 W. 38th St., 15th Fl.

About Life Begins at 30:

Stephanie Holdicott, a talent booker and segment producer at “Take A Break America”, is about to turn 30 and a total mess. She is realizes that nothing is like what she imagined it would be at this stage of her life. How will she make it through this week and get her life back on track?


Stephanie: Natalie Neckyfarow
Annie: Elisabeth Ness
Desiree: Adrienne Wiliams
Sarah: Ashley Harrell
Susan: Christine Cartell
Jim/Osborne: DT Sheridan
Erin: Christina Saragaglia

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