A Great Infidelity

I’m really excited to be taking part in an upcoming staged reading of Doug Brandt’s musical A Great Infidelity in Emerging Artist Theater’s New Work Series on Sunday March 23 at 7pm.

About A Great Infidelity

The war has just ended, and the British are breaking every promise they made to the Indians who fought with them. A grieving Ann Ecuyer, whose husband captains Pennsylvania’s Fort Pitt, wanders the woods by the Three Rivers, trying to fill a gaping hole in her heart. A tale of love, loss, and betrayal in Colonial America.

The show will be performed at the TADA! Theater, 15 W 28th St, NYC

For tickets, click here.

(Please note: When purchasing tickets, be certain to click on the correct time. This is a series of multiple readings and if you purchase for the wrong time you’ll be attending a different show.)

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