Why I love ZipCar!

ZipCarI recently called ZipCar to replace my missing keycard only to find out that I’ve been a member for over 6 years! At first I was pretty surprised, but then started to recall all the wonderful trips (large and small) that I’ve taken with the aid of a ZipCar.

Whether it was a trip to upstate New York to go snowboarding,  a run with my husband to Pier One out in Queens to buy a cabinet he uses for his computer, or simply to have wheels to go to an audition at an out of the way place in Connecticut, I have loved every experience.

In part, I’m sure it is because I love to drive. From the time when I first got my license and got to take a few solo trips to Chapel Hill from Charlotte to visit my sister, I felt like having a car was pure freedom. I loved to be completely alone with my thoughts, listening to a good tape (or later CD or MP3 player), and singing as loud as I wanted with not a soul to bother me.

Now when I get in a car, all these feelings of freedom come flooding back to me. And for a few hours or days, I’m totally transported.

You may be wondering, “Why ZipCar?” How is it different from any rental car situation?

When you rent a car, the process of getting your car can be pretty time intensive. You get to the rental desk. You wait in line. You get to the desk. You choose your insurance, sign a bunch of paperwork. And then FINALLY get the keys to your car.

With ZipCar, once you are a member, you have a keycard that will be programmed to open any car that you reserve. You can make your reservation online either days and weeks in advance, or just hours or minutes before you need a car.

You also can use a ZipCar for just a couple hours … at a huge savings. No need to book a car for the whole day just to go to IKEA.

As another bonus, you have to worry about very few extras. Your insurance and your gas are covered as part of the “rental” fee. If you use toll roads, you do still have to pay those, but all ZipCars have EZPass, so you won’t be waiting to pay those tolls in cash.

All in all, the whole experience can be as easy as owning your own car, with a lot less expense. Cool right?

If you are curious and want to try out the ZipCar experience, now’s the perfect time because ZipCar is offering a special to new members through April 18th. If you sign up using this link, you’ll get $80 of free driving credit. (I’m not getting paid to share this with you. Just want to spread the LOVE!)

Hope you enjoy it! I can’t wait to hear about your ZipCar adventures.



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