Seeking inspiration? Top 5 blogs for artists find that I can always use a little extra inspiration. As an artist, it is important that I am constantly learning and am open to new ideas and experiences. New ideas help me see things in a different light, get into the mindset of a character I’m working on, or even just get unstuck when I’m going through a difficult time.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably seen the occasional post from me from these blogs. But these are so good, you may just want to have them delivered directly to your inbox.

  1.  Seth Godin – From his website, writes about “the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything.” He publishes daily, so if you are someone to get easily annoyed by lots of email, this might not be your jam. Some of his posts are quite short, like a sentence or two, while some are quite long. There is so much wisdom in what he writes. Definitely worth a look.
  2.  Steven Pressfield – The author of the revered series geared specifically for artists including The War of Art, Turning Pro, and Do The Work. He and his colleagues generally posts 3 times a week in three main categories: Writing Wednesdays, How the Millenials Do It, and What It Takes. There is definitely good insight to be had here.
  3. The Daily Love – Mastin Kipp’s blog has evolved a good bit since he started it, and will now only come into your inbox once a week. He posts about everything from finding your purpose and treating yourself with compassion to dealing with self-doubt and improving your romantic relationships. It is also a source of some incredible quotes and daily affirmations.
  4. Austin Kleon – This is a relatively new addition to my inbox and I always look forward to seeing it on Friday. While Austin writes his own blogs, a huge portion of what he includes in his weekly 10 shares are  things that have nothing to do with his work. It is rare that I’m interest in all 10 things, but there have been some pretty random things that he’s listed that I’ve simply adored!
  5. Publication Coach – I’ve been reading this one awhile. While Daphne Gray-Grant’s posts are mostly geared to writers, I would say that 95% of what she writes is highly applicable to other creators. So much of what she writes about is building the habit. Carving out the time that one needs to do our art, rather than just thinking about it. As a bonus, all her posts are pretty short too. (She’ll even tell you exactly how long it will take you to read it.)

Have a blog that you love that I haven’t mentioned here? I would love to know about it. Tell me about your favorite sources of inspiration in the comments below.

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