My Manifesto

I believe that everyone has a unique and powerful contribution that only they can make to our society.

I will do everything I can to protect our natural resources and the diversity of humanity.

I commit to becoming the best version of myself, and to elevating others to greatness.

Change begins within:

I stay awake to the daily experience that is life.

I cultivate acceptance in myself and for others.

I honor my need for community and move beyond my own insecurities to build deep and meaningful friendships and fruitful collaborations.

I embody courage in my art, my Pilates practice, and my life, taking risks as they become apparent, sharing stories, teaching tools for self-empowerment, and fighting for the rights of others.

I cherish my own creativity, by dancing with my muse daily as a proud actor/dancer/singer/writer/producer/teacher.

I embrace my calling as an artist to engender empathy in others.

I value my freedom to choose the direction of my life.

I express my gratitude each and every day for the gifts I have received artistic, interpersonal, monetary, physical, and spiritual.

I always seek to be generous with these gifts.

I inspire others to invest in self-healing so all can reach their full potential.

As challenges emerge, I remind myself to foster my own inner peace. From these still waters, I can change the world.

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