natalieneckyfarowbyhiromi-finalReading is one of my first loves. As a child, I spent countless late nights under my covers with a flashlight after my bedtime, unwilling to put my book down until I reached the conclusion. I loved getting swept away into worlds both similar and vastly different from my own. I loved all of the books in Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time series, Judy Blume’s books, and read The Babysitter’s Club series from cover to cover.

Hours spent in the voiceover booth, with a light and a mic, aren’t that different from being under my covers as a child. In this way, narration is like coming home for me.

I enjoy getting into the mindset of the characters and unfolding their stories for my listeners. This work brings my diverse talents and passions together: acting, an ear for language and accents, an accessible emotional well, a deep empathy for others, and my love of a good book.

With my youthful voice and energy, I’m best suited to narrate Young Adult, Teen and Tween Fiction including Romance, Mystery/Suspense, and Fantasy/Science-Fiction. I also have a huge passion for Self-Help and Health & Fitness (with over 10 years in the fitness industry before transitioning to acting full-time).

I’ve studied the craft of narration with award winning Narrator and Director Robin Miles, Jayme Mattler, and Iris McEllroy.

My audiobooks debut “Love Edy” by Shewanda Pugh was recorded in January and is now available on Audible.

I would love to bring your next book to life. Check out my demos below and feel free to contact me directly or through ACX.

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