Pilates for Actors

Pilates for Actors

1-Day Workshop Wednesday June 7th 3-5pm
3-Week Series Wednesdays June 14 – 28 4-5pm
Midtown Manhattan

In this workshop, you will learn about how to use Pilates principles to augment your work with voice and movement. This class will focus on developing an awareness of key principles of Pilates, including alignment and proper activation of the transverse abdominals. Through mindful practice, we will experience our bodies in a deep way that helps restore efficient and fluid use of our abdominals and breathing muscles.

Benefits of this workshop will include:

  • experimentation with different patterns of breathing
  • gaining awareness of postural patterns
  • building awareness of neutral pelvis and neutral spine
  • releasing and lengthen overly tight abdominals
  • releasing and lengthen overly tight accessory breathing muscles
  • acquiring a better map for how the abdominals work
  • learning how to activate the abdominals as support
  • improving posture
  • expanding the breath

The 1-Day Workshop will include discussion, observation and practice while the 3-Week Series will be primarily practical. Please note: This is not a voice class, but there will be some experimentation with text.

Natalie Neckyfarow has been teaching Pilates since 2001 and is certified by the Kane School of Core Integration. Also an actor, she recently returned to train in the Conservatory Program at Atlantic Acting School. Through Alexander, Voice, and Movement, she has made discoveries about how Pilates can help actors. While fitness-based Pilates can create excessive tension, this class is designed to give you a greater understanding of the relationship between your alignment and efficient and balanced use of your musculature. This work will help you harness a greater sense of alignment and deepen the use of breath and support in your work.

Workshop Cost:

1-Day Workshop Early Bird (before June 4) $25 (Input Code: EARLYBIRD), Regular $30 Register now

3-Week Series Early Bird (before June 7) $50 (Promo Code: EARLYBIRD2), Regular $60 Register now

Both Early Bird (before June 4) $70 (Promo Code: EARLYBIRD-B), Regular $80 Register now

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