natalieneckyfarowbyhiromi-finalLooking for someone to voice your next commercial? My vocal range spans from teens to 30s and has been described as approachable, conversational,  fun, quirky, perky, warm, confident, inspirational, intelligent, smart, wry, sexy, friendly, sincere, and youthful.

You can hire me to to voice:

  • a teenager for products like Biore, Clearasil and Tampax
  • a hip fashionista for Cover Girl, Chapstick, Kohl’s, and Zappos
  • a quirky best friend for Alive Multi-vitamins, Orbit, Suave, and Skinny Cow
  • a high energy sports enthusiast for Taco Bell, Burger King, and McDonalds
  • an inspirational fitness instructor for Athleta, New Balance, and Degree
  • a knowledgeable customer care expert for Wells Fargo, Verizon FIOS, and Best Buy
  • a young mom for products like Fisher Price, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Huggies, Bounty and Tide

I have over ten years of training and experience as an actor, dancer and singer and have studied voiceover with Anna Garduno of Voice Forward. I am also an audiobooks narrator (Love Edy) with a focus on Young Adult and Self-Help books.

I worked for over 10 years in the fitness industry (Pilates, Personal Training, Yoga) and have entrepreneurial and producing experience.

I would love to collaborate with you! Contact me here to discuss your project.

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