Actress, Creator & Embodiment Coach

Hi, I'm Natalie Neckyfarow

I’m a NYC based Actress, Creator, and Life Coach who seeks to illuminate possibility and ignite change.

The Spark shoots in 2.5 weeks!!

My new short film, The Spark, follows thirtysomething PR Associate Lily as she gets assigned the book launch for “A Good Girl’s Guide to Tantra”. While navigating her own embarrassment and discomfort with sex, she has a huge wakeup call: she’s not actively creating her life, she’s just letting it happen to her. Will she be able to reconnect with her desire and go after what she really wants?

Best Leading Actor Nomination for Samantha

Natalie was nominated for Best Leading Actor at the NYC 48 Hour Film Project for her portrayal of the title character in Samantha. Her team also won the award for Best Use of Prop.

Jane in Moony's Kid

Ms. Neckyfarow’s Jane is realistic, emotionally engaged and truthful. She finds the anger and the joy in this character, and she knows the responsibility she has taken on.

~ Paul Janes-Brown, Curtain Call

(not exactly a) ONE WOMAN SHOW

This original (ensemble) play follows one woman’s journey as she attempts to make peace with the fact that her career as an Actress still isn’t where she wants it to be. This playful romp through the Actress’ psyche and behind-the-scenes as she attempts to create this very play draws up a variety of performance styles including stand-up, physical theatre, and traditional theatre as she attempts to answer the question “What does it take to be fully seen as an Actress?”