Actress, Creator & Embodiment Coach

Performed in 4 short play debuts at the New Short Play Festival 7

My acting and directing were featured in the New Short Play Festival from October 25 and through November 3 at the John DeSotelle Theatre, 754 9th Ave. 4th Floor.

by Logann Grayce
Directed by Chelsey Smith
Featuring: Eric Michael Gillett, Jeff Prewitt, Chelsey Smith, Natalie Neckyfarow

Lineup A
Friday October 25 at 6pm
Saturday October 26 at 8:30pm

High Water Line
by Victoria S. Daly
Directed by Natalie Neckyfarow
Featuring: Isabelle Flores, Audrey Nita Bennett; Ensemble: Michele Frettoli, Grace Hannoy, Andie Lemus

Lineup C
Saturday October 26 at 6pm
Sunday October 27 at 5:30pm

Pussy Whipped
by Sarah Myers
Directed by Jack Utrata
Featuring: Jack Utrata, Natalie Neckyfarow

Lineup E
Friday November 1st at 8:30pm
Sunday November 3rd at 3:00pm

BFFLs Remorse
by Steven Hayet
Directed by Sarah Emaline Melton
Featuring: Sarah Emaline Melton, Natalie Neckyfarow

Lineup F
Saturday November 2nd at 6pm
Sunday November 3rd at 5:30pm

Tickets: $20 per show or $45 for a festival pass.
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