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ONE WOMAN SHOW workshop recap

I’m deeply grateful to everyone who helped make our December workshop of ONE WOMAN SHOW a reality. Over 3 weeks and approximately 90 hours of rehearsal, I learned so much about the script and the characters, I was able to define a clear tone for the play (oh the delicate balance of dark comedy), begin discovering the movement language of the piece, and start to see how the play will work with all its design elements. I also ended up doing a FULL rewrite of the play during the first 2 weeks. The only big curveball was me coming down with COVID during the last week of rehearsals. We found an amazing replacement in Bea Owens and were able to move forward with our private showing. Here’s what some of our invited audience said.

I saw your show today and just wanted to say I really enjoyed it! So honest and relatable especially if you are an artist. I really hope this piece continues to grow! 

I really enjoyed the show and was quite moved.  You rung a lot of bells in my own thoughts and fears about the industry – I actually took this week off work to specifically work on my writing so all those worries were close by.  You said a number of things I needed to hear.  I also enjoyed a lot of the movement pieces and general clever use of the ensemble.

Great job on writing your story and your perseverance on getting the play up on to the stage! I loved how the play ends by getting the audience to write down all the things we wanted to let go and then bringing everyone up on the stage to dance!

Workshop Creative Team and Cast Director: R. Lee Kratzer Writer / Producer / Actress: Natalie Neckyfarow Stage Manager: Tala Munsterman Sound Designer: Jimmy Kavetas Set Designer: Tyler Herald Asst Director / ASM / General Production Asst: Emma Shafer Substitute Stage Manager: Matt Hohmann Production Photos: Priyanka Krishnan Videographer: Yonny Made Media Lighting Technician: Hayley Kuhlmann Actress (replacement): Bea Owens Actor 1: Stephanie Moreno Actor 2: Madison Mayer Actor 3: Alexandra Montalbano For updates as we continue to develop ONE WOMAN SHOW, click here to subscribe.