One Woman Show

Brilliant ensemble? Check. Shameless theatricality? Check. Sympathetic audience? Only time will tell.

Artistic Team

Natalie Neckyfarow, Creator / Writer / Producer

R. Lee Kratzer, Director

“One Woman Show,” is a semi-autobiographical play that follows one Actress’ journey as she comes to terms with her personal history and fully claims her identity as an artist. During this 90 minute play, the Actress attempts to fix her career and heal her doubts by creating her own vehicle to face her own fears and prove to herself that she still has something to offer as an artist. In the process she discovers the power of building community and sharing her biggest secrets so that she can truly heal. Through playful experimentation with theatre conventions, using elements from stand up, improv, movement, and traditional theatre, “One Woman Show” shows us all that there is power in facing our fears and moving through our discomfort rather than hiding from it.


November 28 – December 16, 2022 – 3 Week NYC Workshop

Development History

March 12, 2022: The Playground Experiment First Reads Festival
January – March 2022: The Playground Experiment’s Required Reading
September 2019 – October 2021: New Ambassadors Theatre Labs
September 2019 – June 2021: The Playground Experiment Volumes<
August 2019: MT / NYC Theatre Collective All Artist Retreat